Olympic Musical Marathon – Tokyo 2020

Olympic Musical Marathon – Tokyo 2020

Olympic Musical Marathon – Tokyo 2020

The Olympic year is upon us yet again and with it returns the highly acclaimed Key Strings Olympic themed musical program.

This year, with a Tokyo twist, we will be recreating the opening ceremony and lighting the Olympic flame. We’ll be exploring the role of music in the Olympics, from the excitement of the opening ceremony to the victorious joy of the anthems for people all around the world and even taking part in the ancient games.

We travel the five continents of the Olympic Rings through music, discovering the key elements of all music along the way. Utilising the motto of the Olympics, “faster, higher, stronger”, and reinforcing the founders’ creed that it’s not the winning, but the taking part that counts.

Our interactive musical workshop will get the children up and moving, learning that music, as in sport, is about bringing all different people together. And by joining in and taking part, we can all have more fun and achieve things we might not have thought possible!

To book your school’s Olympic Musical Marathon with Key Strings call us on 01270 449910 or click here to email us.

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