PROGRAMMES – Pirates (not only of the Caribbean)


Scallywags and Buccaneers Ahoy!! Our hats, hooks and eye-patches at the ready we’ll sail the seven seas on a musical treasure hunt to the edge of the earth. But are all Pirates like Captain Jack? And were great Naval heroes and explorers really just scurvy scoundrels? From the Barbary pirates to the Buccaneers, Blackbeard and beyond we discover how pirates are as different as music. Indian Jewels from the east and Caribbean Beats from the west help music tell the stories of real Pirates and paints the pictures of our fictional heroes. Sea Shanties and Hornpipes, it be time to walk the plank with the Jolly KeyStrings Crew. Ahah!!

  • Guitar
  • Rebec
  • Viol
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Citar
  • Steel Pan

Cross Curricular Links:

  • Multi-Cultural Links
  • History Links
  • Geography Links
  • Creative Writing/Composing
  • Music Curriculum

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