One of the things we emphasise to the children is just how much music influences all our lives whether we are musicians or not. Music links to so many cross-curricular areas, history, geography, language, maths, science and whilst the music curriculum doesn’t change, the angle from which we can access it may and we believe should!

With that in mind we have developed several different music lessons (programmes) in order to allow children to be inspired in many different ways. Some may find the science of how sound is made energising, some might find the adventure of creating their own stories through music liberating, others might enjoy satisfying their curiosity to explore new cultures of the world because they were exposed to something different.

Opening a door to new learning for a child is a marvellous thing and we believe that music can weave its way through the wider curriculum and become an inspirational part of all our learning. This way we enable children to see the joy music can give to all our lives, but also give music teachers and non music specialists alike the platform to access music through other subjects on the curriculum.

Each of our programmes covers the key elements of the music curriculum as well as further cross-curricular links. The children will see hear and some will play instruments and music from a wide variety of genres. All our programmes are designed to be an hour long, however, we are able to be flexible where necessary.

We have listed the wider cross-curricular links for each program for ease of use, but in no way does this reflect more or less content between the programmes. All our themes pack in as much music and crosscurricular content as is possible in an hour and all are suitable for both KS1 and KS2.

The table below details the Programmes we offer, and the associated CCL – Cross Curricular Links that each programme offers. Simply click the programme title for more details.

CCL Key:

(A)=Multi-Cultural Links (B)=British Values (C)=History Links (D)=Geography Links (E)=Creative Writing/Composing (F)=Science (G)=Music Curriculum (H)=Art (I)=Sport


String Family(A) (C) (E) (G)click here for details
Electrifying Science of Sound(A) (F) (G) click here for details
Multi-Cultural Journey Through Time(A) (D) (G) (C)click here for details
Music Of Britain - Composing Our Flag(B) (C) (G)click here for details
Imagine: The Beatles and Beyond(A) (C) (F) (G)click here for details
Superheroes & Villains(C) (E) (G)click here for details
Pirates (not only of the Caribbean)(A) (C) (D) (E) (G)click here for details
Music - A black history(A) (C) (D) (G)click here for details
Animals(A) (C) (F) (G)click here for details
Art Gallery(A) (C) (G) (H)click here for details