Key Strings has enthused both children and staff alike in over 4,000 schools and come highly recommended by schools in over 30 Authorities across the North of England & Wales. This is what people who have seen us have said…


“Key Strings gave a fantastic performance at our school on Tuesday this week, right in the middle of our Ofsted inspection. They taught the children so much – no mean feat when catering for a large group of 4 – 11 year olds. The pupils who ‘helped’ were thrilled with themselves and all enjoyed the experience tremendously. Our Ofsted inspector thought it was a great contribution to our music curriculum enrichment. I would like to thank them very much for the lovely and very ‘to the point’ comments they took the trouble to write in our visitors’ book. We look forward to next time.”
K. Walker, Headteacher, Alvanley & Manley Federated Schools, Frodsham & Warrington


“I would just like to thank you for your visit to our school which I can safely say was a huge success and enjoyed by everyone. The general consensus amongst the staff & governors who were there was that it was the best thing we’d ever had into the school, and there have been numerous calls for return visits every year. It was easy to tell from the general buzz, on the day, that the children thoroughly enjoyed it and, as I have now had chance to see all the classes and get their feedback, I thought I would add some of their comments:

“Thank you for coming to our school. The music was incredible, you are great comedians. Your concert was the best part of the day.”
Natalie, Y3

‘”loved your show and you’ve made me want to learn how to play the violin.”
Grace, Y3

“Thank you for the show! It was really cool and my favourite bit was when I played the rebec.”
Isaac, Y4

“Thank you for the amazing performance. I adored the part when you did the dancing.”
Maddison, Y4

“Keystrings were fantastic and they were hilarious too. I now know a lot more about music than I did!”
Winnie, Y5

“They’re hilarious and knowledgeable. I never knew what a rebec was. And the stories were performed with amazing detail.”
Rory, Y5

“#Theyarethebest! Key String’s performance was amazing, enjoyable and an inspiring thing for all year groups.”
Will, Y6

“!#keystringswereepic! Awesome performance which was really enjoyable!”
Leah, Y6

…and this is just a sample, I have had loads more, all extremely positive. Thank you very much indeed. We will be in touch again!”
B. Atherton, Music Co-ordinator, Overleigh St Mary’s CE Primary School, Chester


“Just wanted to tell you that the whole show was inspiring and amazing, very interactive and very visual including all the different music and sound effects. It was a superb morning and excellent value for money. Thank you for entertaining the whole school so well. All the children really enjoyed themselves.” 
C. Dodd, Teacher, St. James’ C of E Primary School, Tameside


“Our relationship with Key Strings has built up over the past 3 years and has benefited our children beyond expectation. Their skill, kindness, respects and love of music has enabled our children to experience something magical every year. It is always a pleasure to welcome them in to our school and their performance is something we look forward to for many weeks leading up to the occasion.I would strongly recommend that all schools, including nursery schools engage in an experience which can only be described as unforgettable.” 
W. Colebourne, Headteacher, Harrington Nursery School, Derby


“Just to say what a wonderful experience for our pupils and staff worth every penny. The topic of the Olympics was dynamic, fun and interactive. There must have been a lot of preparation for the performance and it was ‘pitched’ at the right level for our 4-7 year olds. The pupils were absolutely enthralled! Many thanks.” 
D. Westaway, Headteacher, Abbots Lane Infant School, Flintshire


“We always look forward to your visits, and as well as being entertaining and fun, the children are given a wonderful learning experience and a great deal of information.” 
G.Aston, Headteacher, Wat’s Dyke Infant School, Flintshire


“My daughter and I have just experienced a KeyStings performance. I have never seen her so engaged for a whole hour, she is only 3 1/2 and the skill shown by the session providers in making sure each child had a turn at a new string instrument was second to none (no one was left out) and it was very busy. The performers skilfully moved from Mozart to The Beatles and they had us all tapping along. If you have the opportunity to take this into your school, I cannot recommend these performers highly enough. Fun and interesting, if this doesn’t inspire your students to want to play a string instrument or engage with music, nothing will!!!” 
Parent, Venue Cymru TakepART event


“All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Staff were particularly impressed by the way the musicians involved all children in school and made the morning extremely enjoyable for everyone.”
N. White, Headteacher, Gorseybrigg Primary School, Derbyshire


“We would like to pass on our thanks for an excellent afternoon! The children loved the performances and got so much out of it. We look forward to working with you again.” 
J. Dunn, Headteacher, St. Margaret Mary’s Catholic Infant School, Knowsley


“…how entertaining, informative, inspiring and fun the two performances were. The children and staff LOVED the visit from Key Strings. The children’s attention was held throughout and they were talking about what they had learnt as they went home. You will be hearing from me again soon.”
C. King, Music Co-ordinator, Woodheys Primary School, Sale, Manchester


“I would like to say thank you so much for the wonderful musical experience you provided for our children on your recent visit to our school. I have never seen so many smiling faces from both children and adults alike…truly inspirational. Thank you.” 
G Eagleton, Music Co-ordinator, Legh Vale Primary School, St Helens


“Would you kindly pass on our thanks to Keith and Mike. The whole presentation was fun, interesting, lively, friendly and informative and the staff and children thoroughly enjoyed it. We have no hesitation in booking/recommending you in the future – what a great afternoon!” 
D. Clark, Music Co-ordinator, & Staff, Gilbrook Primary School, Wirral


”Just to say a huge thank you for providing such a lovely warm atmosphere with your fantastic music on Monday it made our celebration day such a success. The children were thoroughly entertained in the morning and enjoyed it and our guests were bowled over by your fabulous music in the afternoon and commented to no end.”
K. Oakley, Headteacher, Weston Heights Infant School, Stoke-on-Trent


“[Following a Key Strings visit to a Derbyshire school] …one of the string teachers picked up 4 starter pupils on the violin! This has been a completely non-engaging school with the Music partnership and things are now moving in a much better direction. This has also resulted in the school having a Whole Class ensemble playing next year!”
Area Leader, City & County Music Partnership, Music Education Hub for Derbyshire


“What a thoroughly phenomenal afternoon you gave our children at school today, and the staff too.” 
B. Rogers, Teacher, St Giles Special School, Derby


“Thank you SO much for today, school was buzzing with music!! I actually heard one of my children telling their Mum what they’d done today rather than the standard ‘nothing’!! … we will be inviting you back next year!!
S.Turner, Music Co-ordinator, Market Drayton Infant School, Shropshire


“My lovely son has autism, and other learning difficulties, he finds it very difficult to engage in any activity. I just wanted to thank you so very much as, when you visited the school, staff were amazed at how much my son enjoyed your session. He hardly ever shows interest and will not participate in such events, but this is the second time he has loved your visit to his school. You must be I think, fantastic musicians and fantastic people to get my sons approval. I cannot thank you enough.” 
Parent, St Mary’s Catholic School, Manchester


“The pace and humour were great, along with very ‘mind friendly’ ways of learning the vocabulary. We thoroughly enjoyed it.”
D. Coups, Music Co-ordinator, Stockton Wood Primary School, Liverpool


“Just wanted to say thank you once again for a fabulous morning of music. The staff and children had a wonderful time. We so look forward to your coming and you never disappoint.I will be in touch soon to book 2015!” 
S. Churchill, Music Co-ordinator, Fernwood Infant School, Nottingham


“Thank you so much for yet another wonderful ‘musical’ experience. Your visit always gives us such a lift. New staff have also commented on how ‘fun and inspirational’ your performance is. Key Strings always manage to give us so much enjoyment, fun and musical education. Our children love the interaction and audience participation as do the staff. Keep entertaining our future musicians!”
P. Kennedy, Headteacher, St. Monica’s Catholic Primary School, Milton Keynes


“Thanks for the wonderful sessions led by your staff at our school yesterday. Both staff and children thought it was brilliant!”
S. Warburton, Headteacher, Canon Johnson C of E Primary School, Tameside


“Just a brief note to say ‘thank you’ and to congratulate you all on a brilliant session. What a fantastic experience you gave our children; not just the music — which was fab, but the way in which you talked to the children and the messages you gave. All the staff have agreed that you were one of the best visitors to Brierley this year. Please contact us soon — we want to book next year’s in! “
Headteacher, Brierley Primary School, Cheshire


“Thank you so much for a thrilling experience you gave to the pupils and teachers, which has enriched their knowledge of music. It was really outstanding and the best I have seen in 44 years of teaching music to children. Thank you so much and may you continue with the fantastic work.”
Music Teacher, Ysgol Ffordd Dyffryn, Llandudno


“On behalf of everyone at Holy Family School, a big thank you for yet another fantastic musical experience. The nursery children loved every minute and then lined up outside the hall windows to listen to the Key Stage 2 session! Long may you strum!”
Teacher, Holy Family School, Sale


“I am writing on behalf of all the staff and children to express our appreciation of the wonderful afternoon’s educational entertainment you provided last Friday. All of the children, from the youngest reception to the most cynical Year 6’s came out brimming with enthusiasm for what they had seen and heard, and every member of staff commented upon not only how hugely enjoyable it had been, but also how relevant to the work they had to cover in Music within the curriculum. The accompanying worksheets are a great resource and no doubt will be well-used in the coming weeks. Thank you once again for your time and energy. I look forward to inviting you back for more in future years.”
Headteacher Stretton St. Matthew’s C.E.P., Warrington