PROGRAMMES – Music Of Britain – Composing Our Flag

PROGRAMMES – Music Of Britain – Composing Our Flag


The Pomp and Circumstance begins at a modern Royal Wedding hoping to meet the Queen and find a Union flag to wave. Exploring why it is not called the Union Jack we travel back to the wedding of Henry VIII, but which one? There we find a different flag flying and different music playing. Finding Wales hidden within the flag we discover the Welsh Harp and find out about the oldest tuned instrument in the world. As we bring together the sounds and flags of the UK we build the modern Union flag and see how the different styles, instruments and flags of the nations all combine to make Britain Great and gives us music that makes us feel as British as the Proms.

  • Guitar
  • Viol
  • Violin
  • Welsh Knee Harp
  • Viola
  • Double Bass
  • King David/Lyre Harp
  • Bagpipes

Cross Curricular Links:

  • British Values
  • History Links
  • Music Curriculum

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